TripsGuru started its journey by envisioning a world with no mass tourism, but personalized traveling. Our experiences create a genuine connection between curious travelers and welcoming Italians, showcasing the very best of Italy through sustainable authentic local experiences.

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About TripsGuru

TripsGuru is an innovative way for travelers to explore the iconic hotspots but also the hidden gems of a city with a private local host, while locals have the opportunity to earn an extra income by sharing their city vibes & passions with travelers.

  • Private & personalized. No strangers, just you. Fully customize to your needs;
  • With a local expert. From historical facts to the most up-to-date regulations;
  • Experiences designed to take you away from the crowds towards authentic local spots;
  • Quality check by TripsGuru. We perform a thorough verification process;
  • We strongly values the quality of our local hosts. TripsGuru ensure safe and trustworthy experiences.
Our Mission

TripsGuru’s mission is to connect people with cultures by breaking down barriers between travelers and locals. With this in mind, our website was created as a platform which facilitates the connection between travellers and local hosts in beautiful Lombardia (for now)… but new cities in Italy and all around the world coming soon!To fulfill our mission of connecting people with cultures, and offering both of our guests and local hosts amazing cultural experiences, Withlocals’ culture is defined by 3 values: Passionate, Authentic, and Connecting.

  • We are strongly passionate about traveling, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, food, music, sport, and so much more;
  • All of our experiences are authentic, taking you to the hidden gems of a city, and on amazing adventures that you will not find elsewhere;
  • Everything we do is all about connecting. We believe that connecting with another person, a different culture, or through a passion that we share, the world will become a better place!
Our Vision

TripsGuru started its journey by envisioning a world with no mass tourism, but personalized traveling, at scale. While tourists are flocking to the city centers and hotspots, locals are drawn away to avoid the crowds, and enjoy their local life. This is where TripsGuru comes in. Connecting with locals gives you the chance to engage with the culture of a place first-hand, together with the people who know it best. Our authentic experiences let you dive into local life through food, including traditional lunches and dinners, hands-on cooking classes and immersive market tours, which take place in towns and cities throughout Italy. As every experience is tailor-made, there’s something for every travel lover. We’re so proud to create unforgettable moments for thousands of people on their travels. 

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